The know-how

Our company

BRIONNE, French designer and manufacturer of decorative hardware for doors, windows and furniture.
Thanks to its mastery of iron and brass, BRIONNE is able to accompany its customers on classic renovations as well as on exceptional sites or restoration of historical monuments.

The history of Brionne

BRIONNE has been designing and manufacturing hardware for doors, windows and furniture for over 50 years.
As a result of this history, the company now has a catalog of over 60,000 references, covering all eras and styles, most of which are produced today in only a few units per year.
The ability to design and manufacture complete ranges in-house allows us to carry out all the decoration of a site through a single line.

A know-how for more than half a century

A know-how and materials that are part of a sustainable quality approach: we develop our products from environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled indefinitely and whose durability meets contemporary needs.

A blend of innovation and tradition

A traditional manufacturing which proposes classic lines in wrought iron and solid brass, St Romain lines from steel and brass foundry and contemporary lines to meet the expectations of the owners and to differentiate itself through a personalized and original decoration.

100% French manufacturing

The whole production is made in our factory in Dangé-Saint-Romain (Vienne)
The quality of the materials we use guarantees the consistency and appearance of our products.
To guarantee authenticity, the finishes are made in the traditional way.

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